Soil Management

Gardening with Raised rows

There are many different ways to grow a garden successfully, and like most things in life, if you ask 10 people how to garden you'll probably get close to 10 different answers.   Gardening is no different, everyone's goal is to have healthy, tasty produce at the end of the year, but how we get [...]


Make Use Of Your Limited Space With Organic Container Gardening

If you live in an apartment in the city or in the suburbs, then you most likely don't have a lot of land to grow vegetables in.  If your are lucky, you may have  a tiny plot surrounding your home or apartment that you can use.  Even then, the land may be extremely rocky, pure [...]


Improving Soil Quality

The quality of soil depends on it's ability to hold moisture as well as the circulation of air and water.   Most people want their gardens to have quality soil so that they can successfully grow vegetables and flowers in them. Unfortunately, not all soil has good quality like the loam soil found in forests [...]


5 Organic Best Practices for Beginners

Having your own organic garden in your backyard brings you a great many benefits. When you can grow and harvest your very own fresh and organic vegetables, you will reap tremendous reward in terms of nutrition and a sense of genuine accomplishment. The foods you gather from your own vegetable garden are far superior to [...]


Use Crop Rotation for a Healthy Organic Garden

Another great vegetable gardening tip that accomplishes organic pest control and soil management in your garden is to use crop rotation.  This applies to almost all crops except your perennial vegetables like Rhubarb or Asparagus.  Crop rotation can be as simple as making sure you don’t plant the same vegetables in the same spot every [...]


Introduction to Organic Garden Fertilizers

In traditional non-organic gardens it is a popular method to fertilize your crops because the soil may not be as healthy as it could be.  With organic gardens, the main focus is making sure that you have a healthy soil in place which your plants will thrive in.  Most weeds prefer soil that isn’t perfect, [...]


4 Tips for a Successful Organic Garden

When starting your organic garden there are many steps you can take to help it become a success, this article’s purpose is to highlight four of the most important steps that you’ll need to take in order to have an organic vegetable garden that thrives throughout the gardening season.  In the past I have not [...]


Organic Gardening with Raised Beds

There are many ways to go organic in your garden, but one way that allows you to do it with a little less upkeep, and a little more control is using a raised bed garden.  A raised bed garden is built above or on top of the ground.  It can be any shape or size [...]