Pest Control

Make Use Of Your Limited Space With Organic Container Gardening

If you live in an apartment in the city or in the suburbs, then you most likely don't have a lot of land to grow vegetables in.  If your are lucky, you may have  a tiny plot surrounding your home or apartment that you can use.  Even then, the land may be extremely rocky, pure [...]


A Blessing to the Soil: Companion Plants for Beans

According to an Iroquois legend, beans are among the plants that were given as a gift by the Great Spirit to humankind.  These plants are watched over by three spirits, also known as "The Three Sisters".   Beans must indeed be gifts, not only to humans but to other plants as well, because these plants [...]


Good Neighbors: Companion Plants for Tomatoes

In the previous post, you read about carrots and tomatoes being the best of friends.  Indeed, they're good neighbors.  Aside from the benefits that they get from each other, they share a space-efficient companionship.  You can plant the carrots while the tomatoes are still small.  You don't have to worry about them competing for space [...]


Plants that Carrots Love: Companion Plants for Carrots

In the last blog post, you learned how companion plants help one another grow and protect each other from pests.  Carrot is another plant that can benefit from companion planting.  A popular book called "Carrots Love Tomatoes," originally published in 1975, is now widely considered as the bible of companion planting.  The author of this [...]


Potato’s Best Buddies: Companion Plants for Potatoes

The idea of companion planting is rather strange. It is easy to think of people and animals as social beings. They have relationships that are either beneficial or harmful. On the other hand, plants don't move and they can't communicate. However, plants do have relationships, too, in a way. They can help one another or [...]


Enriching Your Garden: What is Companion Planting?

Gardening can be a hobby that is fun, enriching, exciting and....stressful! Whether you're just starting out with gardening or are a seasoned green thumb; things can get pretty complicated when it comes to where and when to plant certain things. One term you may or may not have heard of is companion planting. This is something [...]


What to Do When Bugs Bug You: Controlling Pests and Harmful Bugs Organically

Insects and their larvae are the worst troublemakers in the garden. They can ruin your harvest and lay your best efforts to waste. Chemical pesticides are a no-no if you growing your fruits and vegetables organically. Besides, they may be harmful to the environment and dangerous to you and your family. Fortunately, there are alternative [...]


Use Crop Rotation for a Healthy Organic Garden

Another great vegetable gardening tip that accomplishes organic pest control and soil management in your garden is to use crop rotation.  This applies to almost all crops except your perennial vegetables like Rhubarb or Asparagus.  Crop rotation can be as simple as making sure you don’t plant the same vegetables in the same spot every [...]


4 Tips for a Successful Organic Garden

When starting your organic garden there are many steps you can take to help it become a success, this article’s purpose is to highlight four of the most important steps that you’ll need to take in order to have an organic vegetable garden that thrives throughout the gardening season.  In the past I have not [...]


Organic Garden Pest Control

There are many different methods of Organic Garden pest control that one can utilize in their organic gardens.  Pest control is very important when organic gardening because the whole point of going organic is to not use pesticides and man made fertilizers.  Coming up with natural ways to control harmful pests is paramount to a [...]