Organic Garden Pest Control

Pest ControlThere are many different methods of Organic Garden pest control that one can utilize in their organic gardens.  Pest control is very important when organic gardening because the whole point of going organic is to not use pesticides and man made fertilizers.  Coming up with natural ways to control harmful pests is paramount to a successful garden. This article is going to give an overview of a couple of the different ways to control pests in your organic garden.

Companion planting

is a very popular and successful method of organic pest control.   The idea behind companion planting is to grow different plant species together or in close proximity of each other which will have a mutual benefit to both plants.  They help each other, by either repelling or confusing harmful pests or attracting beneficial insects.   A great example of a powerful companion plant is the marigold.  The marigold puts off a strong smell, and this deters many pests,  some vegetables that you can pair the marigold with are the asparagus, which the marigold will deter beetles. Marigolds can also be paired with eggplants which the marigold will deter harmful nematodes.

Attracting beneficial Insects

is another great method of organic pest control, as these insects pray on the harmful pests in your garden.  You can attract these beneficial insects by providing safe places for them to live and by using attractants like some companion plants.  An example of a beneficial insect is the humble ladybug.  Ladybugs feed on a large menu of garden pests like aphids, thrips, different beetle larvae and many more.  If you want to attract ladybugs to your garden, plant flowers that have tiny white blossoms, an example of a herb which attracts ladybugs is cilantro.

Gardening with raised beds

is another popular and successful method.  If you have a problem with moles or other rodents that attack your plant roots, then a great solution is to use raised beds.  As long as you make sure the raised bed is deep enough for your plants root systems you can add a bottom to the bed.   This cuts off any way for the rodents to get at your plant roots and root crops.

Natural pesticides

is the last method we are goign to talk about.  Like the other methods above we will cover them in more detail in another post.  Natural pesticides work by using natural ingredients to either target and kill off specific insect types, or they are used to repel the harmful insects away.  An example of a natural pesticide would be the following spray which is made from garlic .

Organic garden pest control can be easily accomplished with some planning ahead and a bit of knowledge of the pests that are attracted to your plants.  Stay tuned for more in depth articles on each of the topics we covered today.  Take a moment to check out all of the other organic gardening tips which can be accessed through the right hand menu.