Make Use Of Your Limited Space With Organic Container Gardening

Container GardeningIf you live in an apartment in the city or in the suburbs, then you most likely don’t have a lot of land to grow vegetables in.  If your are lucky, you may have  a tiny plot surrounding your home or apartment that you can use.  Even then, the land may be extremely rocky, pure concrete or just not fertile enough for a garden making it virtually impossible to grow anything.  The good news is that you need not have an acre of land to enjoy eating fresh  organic vegetables.  Container gardening may seem like a new concept but it actually dates back thousands of years. Roman and Greek writers like Rufus and Strabo gave very detailed descriptions of the hanging gardens of Babylon, arguably the most famous container gardens in history.  These gardens were famous for their beauty; all sorts of plants and flowers from almost all corners of the world could be found here.  With very minimal effort you can create a mini version in your home, only instead of flowers, it will provide you with a steady supply of organic fruits, vegetables or herbs.

There are a number of benefits to be had from small scale container gardening.  Like most things, there are a few disadvantages, but they are easily outweighed by the benefits.

Benefits of Container Gardening

Space saving

Space is a precious commodity and any gardening technique that aims to use as little space as possible while providing as much produce can be invaluable.  If you live in a cramped home or apartment, then container gardening may be the only way you will ever be able to produce fresh vegetables.  It allows you to have a garden in your patio or on your porch.  If you live in an apartment, you can do it indoors or on your balcony.  You can dedicate part of your kitchen to gardening or convert an extra bedroom into one if the space and light is there.


The ability to quickly and easily move your plants is another draw to container gardening.  If you are growing your plants outdoors, you can actually move them indoors during harsh weather like risks of frost, snow or high winds.  Once weather turns fair again, you simply need to take them out again.  You can easily control the amount of sunlight the plants are getting by moving them to a different location.  Moreover, you do not have to leave your beloved plants behind in case you have to move.  Having the freedom to carry them with you saves you the effort of starting a new garden in your new home.

Protection against pests

Growing plants in a container garden also means that there will be relatively fewer instances of bacteria, fungal and pest attacks.  This is because the plants will be rarely exposed and the potting soil used can be more easily controlled to not have any micro-organisms that may cause diseases.  A well kept container garden can theoretically be relied on for produce throughout the year.

Better yields per square inch

The concept allows you greater control over your plants; it is a lot easier to ensure that the plants are fertilized and none of the fertilizer would be drained away or absorbed by other plants as would be the case with an ordinary garden.  The plants are confined to a very small area of soil and you can easily create the right soil, light and atmospheric conditions for maximum yields.

What can yo grow in your container garden?

Most kinds of vegetables can be grown in a container garden. You should decide what to grow based on degree of difficulty involved as well as size of the plant and container it will be in.  As such, water melons and corn may not be ideal for most people.  When deciding what to grow in your garden, think about what you like to eat,  for instance, mesclun salad green are hard to find and very expensive, if you like them, then you should grow lots of them to not only have fresh greens, but save money too.  Below is a list of vegetables that are easy to grow:







You can also grow large melons, squash, pumpkins and even corn but these require a lot more space and sunlight making them not recommended as they are much -harder to grow.

Container gardening will bring out the farmer in you and your family.  It is a great hobby which can take very little effort or a lot, all depending on what and how much you want to grow.  It really is as simple as filling a container with quality soil, then planting your  vegetables.  Remember to water your plants and you’ll be rewarded with delicious, organic vegetables.