Gardening with Raised rows

There are many different ways to grow a garden successfully, and like most things in life, if you ask 10 people how to garden you’ll probably get close to 10 different answers.   Gardening is no different, everyone’s goal is to have healthy, tasty produce at the end of the year, but how we get there is a journey onto itself.   Raised row gardening may look like traditional style of gardening at first, but it has some hidden features which make it a simple, low maintenance system that anyone can incorporate.   Another great feature that is sure to interest you is the fact that using this gardening system, you NEVER HAVE TO TILL!  Which traditional style gardeners know all about.  Raised rows may not be right for everyone, as they still require a good chunk of real estate, just like traditional gardening, so if you have a small plot, you may be better off with Raised Beds instead.  But if you have the space, we highly recommend you consider this gardening system.  In fact, we are going to be dedicating one of our gardens to this system for the 2015 year.

We don’t normally point to outside sites here at but this is a special case, as we have always believed in not ‘reinventing the wheel’  and when it comes to Raised row Gardens we have not found a better source of information (content and readability) then the four part series found over at  In fact, this site has many more useful tips and tricks about gardening, cooking and canning.  Since I know you are itching to get over there and read about this great and simple gardening system here is the link to the four part series.   Enjoy!

Raised Row Gardening @ Old World Garden Farms