Welcome to Organic Gardening Tips!

Organic Gardening is the practice of growing your vegetables, fruits and plants in as natural a way as possible without the use of manufactured pesticides and fertilizers which add unnecessary chemicals to our food and environment.  Organic gardening tips is here to provide you with tips and advice on how you can get your organic garden to flourish.

In concept its simple enough to go organic,  just throw your seeds in the ground and don’t add any chemicals to them.  This is great in concept, but you may not always have reliable results if you take this route.  When I was a beginner at organic gardening I did exactly this, and I got vegetables but my garden was not nearly as successful as it could have been.   I hope that the organic gardening tips that you’ll find here will help you become a better organic gardener and allow you to enjoy the “fruits of your labor”.

I have learned that there are three area’s to concentrate your efforts on when organic gardening,  soil management, weed management and pest control.  Soil management is dealt with by using organic fertilizers; weed management is dealt with by using organic ground coverings and manual labor; and finally organic pest control is done by companion planting as well as promoting beneficial insects.  On the right hand menu you’ll find articles with organic gardening tips for all of these area’s which I hope will help you become a better organic gardener.

I was a little lost when I started my organic vegetable garden, at first I tried it myself and although I was able to get results, they weren’t anything to brag about.  I then turned to books and the internet to learn as much as I could on the subject.  My plan with this site, is to provide you with what I have learned through literature and my personal experiences in growing my own organic gardens.

Please stick around, and I hope that organic gardening tips can help you in your organic gardening adventure!